Programs & Curriculum

Our programs and curriculum are designed to be tailored to each child. Every age group, need and special attention is taken into consideration. We pride ourselves in our full-time and part-time programs delivering education and engagement.

Infant Care Program

Age Group: 6 weeks to 12 months

Our infant care program provides a nurturing and secure environment for your child of 6 weeks to 12 months of age. Our experienced staff has gone through extensive training to provide the most outstanding care to your baby. With maximum security and safety, our infant classroom is sterilized daily. With your baby’s health as our number one concern, the diaper changing area is sanitized after each diaper change. Additionally, street shoes are not allowed in the infant room to reduce any outside contamination, keeping your baby safe as they crawl and explore.

Your child will have their own crib and sheets along with their own cubicle, where items such as bottles, food, clothing, and bedding will be stored out of reach of other children.

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Language Development

During the early stages of your baby’s life, it is important for them to be exposed to activities such as books, songs, and different forms of language. Therefore, reading and singing is always a part of their daily activities. Early learning begins while listening to the language and gestures of others. Children will be taught simple gestures and sounds to express their wants and needs.

Physical Milestones

There are many physical milestones that your baby will make during their first few months, such as rolling over, crawling, simple hand movements, and grasping, just to name a few. Your baby will always be encouraged and praised when achieving any of these milestones.

Cognitive Development

Your child will learn more about his or her five senses everyday by exploring the different objects and toys in our classroom. Touching and feeling different objects and textures will help your baby develop an understanding of familiar and unfamiliar objects. Your child will also be introduced to numbers and counting during their day-to-day exercises through songs, books, and different toys. Furthermore, your child will begin to interact with their classmates and teachers, resulting in the imitations of actions, language, and gestures of others.

Creative Expression

Through creative expression, your child will begin to use different objects, such as paint, glue, markers, etc. They will be introduced to different textures and bright and contrasting colors, aiding in their sense of sight. They will have the chance to use different actions on these objects to uniquely express themselves.

Social and Emotional Development

Your child will learn about feelings and emotions while interacting and forming a bond with their teachers and classmates. Becoming attached to familiar adults introduces your youngster to social and emotional development. Social development also includes any emotion your child expresses through facial expressions, sounds, and movements. Additionally, your child will be introduced to the concept of their self by discovering themselves in mirrors.

Irvington Child Day Care – Our Specialty

Age Group: 1 year to 2.5 years | Pre-kindergarten 3 & 4

Our daycare program is separated into four different classrooms, based on age. These four classes, who follow a common educational curriculum, include the 1 year to 18 months program, the 18 months to 2 ½ years program, the prekindergarten 3 program, and the prekindergarten 4 program.

Our daycare programs are designed to grant relief to children and parents of low-income families, while keeping in mind the ethnic and cultural characteristics of their community. Aside from our curriculum, our programs pride themselves in the support it provides in parent education, parent-child relationships, and family literacy. The programs further include health, social services, and parent involvement, with a goal to foster intellectual, social, and growth of each child.

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Cognitive and General Knowledge

During cognitive development, your child will learn to count and identify numbers. As they excel through our programs, they will begin to match numerals with the quantities they represent. Along with this, your child will learn to match, sort, and classify objects, based on examples like color and texture. In our day care programs, children will also participate in pretend play by taking on roles and using props individually or with peers. Teacher-led simple science experiments also encourage children to learn by combining materials to create an interesting result.

Language and Reading

Your child will learn to pronounce words and form sentences, and their language will continue to grow and expand as they move from program to program. Your child will use their language to identify and label objects and express their wants and needs. Additionally, your child will be exposed to interactions with their teachers and classmates, which is critical in language development. Our program also provides a volume of books, that are read daily and which also aid in familiarizing every child with language and words, resulting in imitative reading.

Social and Emotional Development

Your child will also come across obstacles where he or she must be able to manage their own emotions or a classmate’s emotions independently. As your child becomes more familiar with emotions, these emotions will become apparent in pretend play.

As children grow, they will continue to develop socially and emotionally. It is critical for our children to learn the correct way to treat one another at an early age so these social aspects prosper as they grow older. Learning the meanings of words and learning when to say such words such as “please,” “thank you”, and “sorry” are always encouraged. As their personalities become more apparent, they will show interest in interacting with others and will form relationships with their classmates and familiar adults.

Physical Development and Wellness

If there is one thing that toddlers and preschoolers have in common, it is that they are very active. They are constantly exploring, seeking to learn new things, and seeking to learn the results of their actions. As your child grows, they will learn to use and control their small and large muscles, their coordination, and their balance to do activities such as walk, run, jump, throw and kick a ball.

Aside from physical development, your child will also learn about his or her wellness and independence. Your child will begin to gain independence by practicing self-help skills. Their independence will begin as toddlers when they communicate what they want and need and it will continue to grow to where they are able to do everyday skills such as use the toilet, dress themselves, wash their hands, and clean up after themselves.

Irvington After School Care Program

Age Group: Up to 12 years

Concern Mom Irvington Our after school program is made for children of up to 12 years of age. This program is a safe and nurturing place where children can go during after-school hours to learn and socialize, while parents are at work. With this program, support is provided for continuous learning through the creation of an enabling environment, which gives children a great chance to become active learners. Children are engaged in a manner that encourages them to explore and experiment. Select staff, under the supervision of the Director, will conduct program activities, evaluate their activities and the results are reviewed with participation of parents/guardians.

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Summer Camps

Age Group: Up to 12 years

Summer is all about enjoyment and positive reinforcement at Concern Mom. Children come to enjoy summer through our outdoor activities and water park sessions. All while learning valuable skills, developing character and making friends throughout their experience. Our community values and positive environment will teach them social skills and to be more independent. They learn to contribute to a group as they engage in physical, social and educational activities. Summer camp brings the concept of self-reliance, the development of positive attitudes and discipline.

Night Shift Program – First in New Jersey

Overnight Child Care

Designed to help parents that have last minute events, work or complications where they need to leave their child in good hands. Our night shift program is available to all of our students. Traditional night shift is 10pm to 7am. We provide breakfast to students and transportation is available to their respective school. We are always here for you. Our night shift program is tailored to your child.

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