Because Family Matters

Parents, Guardians and those in direct care of children want the best for them – so do we! We are not just a day care, we are your child’s extended family. While you are at work, away on business or at an event we provide dedicated care and instruction to your child. Our day care prides itself in building positive relationships with each child.

We strengthen core foundations and provide continuity to the parent. You are your child’s support system so we communicate your child’s growth during their time with us. Lessons learned while at daycare are lessons for life!

Irvington New Jersey Daycare

An Environment for Growth

We do what we say we are going to do. Our main focus is your children and we will do everything in our power to provide a positive environment for growth.

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Growth as an Individual

We provide education and activities to engage children while at daycare. Research has shown that kids (especially at their early stages) capture information faster. We leverage this time period to improve their learning abilities in core subjects.


  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Reading Development
  • Coordination and Physical Development
  • World Perspectives and Creative Expression
  • Community and Family Values

Growth through Community

The surrounding environment of a child directly influences how the child will develop. We understand at times some kids experience difficult stimuli. This is where we reinforce a positive community experience.

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Community Role Models

A positive community experience where while at daycare they learn about awareness and caring for each other. Our daycare prides itself in building great citizens of the community. Children learn to rely on each other, respect their parents and develop leadership through positive behavior. No matter where your child comes from while they are at daycare and after daycare the foundations they learn with us will last them a lifetime. We are your support system.

Fully Equipped Daycare Facilities

Our facilities are carefully designed to provide a comforting and positive learning environment. Kids at their early stages are closest to their parents and guardians, we make this transition period easy. Our years of experience will help your child adapt to their new environment.

Irvington NJ Daycare

Dedicated Facilities

  • State of the art classrooms with learning in mind
  • Family Style Cafe
  • Large Outdoor Playground
  • Assigned Student Storage Areas
  • Certified Drivers to help with transportation
  • Comfortable Overnight Areas for children spending the night
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Top Rated Child Day Care

Irvington New Jersey Day Care

Outdoor Areas

Irvington New Jersey Day Care

Certified & Highly Dedicated Staff

Concern Mom strives for excellence in enabling our children and their families to be safe, secure and confident. The staff has decades of experiences enabling them to fully understand each child while at daycare. The selection of staff is based on a thorough screening, hiring and training process. Only the most qualified and committed staff serve the children and their families.

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Irvington New Jersey Day Care
Irvington New Jersey Day Care

Our Accreditations

We strive for excellence and hold the highest accreditation to better serve your child. We are a top rated NJ Day Care facility.

Irvington New Jersey Day Care
  • New Jersey Administrators’ Credential Training
  • Copy of New Jersey Administrators’ Credential Training
  • The State of New Jersey Standard Certificate
  • Assistant Teacher New Jersey Registry
  • Director of Training, Lattice Level: Degreed
  • Teacher of Pre-School through Grade 3
  • Career Lattice working through CDA
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